Saturday, 16 November 2013


Short excerpt from my WIP - Evie’s Pleasure


Finally, Antonio let her go and pushed her slowly down his torso.  She met his gaze and shivered at the intensity of his stare.

“Evie.  Bella. You taste amazing.  Now I want to feel you.”

His cock was hard against her thigh and she manoeuvred herself onto him.

He took a long rasping breath and she smiled.  It was her turn to tease and torture.

She began to ride him.  Slowly.  Rhythmically.  Taking as much pleasure as she was giving.

His hands reached up and caressed her breasts.  Her nipples tightened and he pinched the tips.  A sharp tingle raced into her pussy. 

She increased her rhythm.  Plunging herself onto his stiff cock.  Each thrust more powerful than the last, driving her on.

Antonio groaned and made her more aware of her actions.  She took a breath and slowed the tempo.  She didn’t want it to end too soon.

His sultry gaze revealed his desire and she smiled.  She moved her mouth to his and kissed him.  His hot tongue wrapped hungrily around hers, drawing her into his burning need. 

Her body heated.  His kiss accelerated her fervour.  And his.

He caressed her curves.  His hands like fire.

She pulled back.  She was in charge here.

He took a breath and she lifted her chin.  She began her slow rhythm once more but increased the pace slightly with each plunge.

Antonio lifted his hips to meet every thrust with his own. 

She shook her head in acceptance and met him thrust for thrust.  Harder.  Faster.  Hotter.

Sweat appeared on his brow and he moaned.  She had him.

She ground herself onto him, taking him deeper.  Time after time.  Thrust after thrust.  She was so close.

“Evie!”  Antonio grabbed her hips, plunged hard into her repeatedly until he shuddered with climax. 

His every convulsion sent sparks flying and licked at her incessantly until an orgasm burst into flames within her.  

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