Saturday, 27 July 2013

Evie's Pleasure

I managed a few lines.  Here’s another short excerpt from my WIP - Evie’s Pleasure.

It wasn’t until lunchtime that she saw Matteo again.  He walked calmly up to her and handed her some paperwork. 

“Can you please file these?” he asked.

She dared to gaze at him.  His thick, dark hair framed his ruggedly attractive face and her pulse raced.  “Sure,” she managed.

He stared at her with dark eyes that thrilled her to the bone.

“Was there something else you wanted?” she inquired.

A lusty grin curled his lips.  “There’s always something I want,” he told her huskily before walking away.

Her skin tingled in anticipation and she put a hand to her throat.  She could barely breathe.   Did that mean he wanted her?

She remembered the way he looked without clothes and her nipples grew taut.  And then her thoughts turned to Antonio and she bit her lip.  These Latin men would surely be the death of her.


Saturday, 20 July 2013

The Drama of Life

'Life sometimes gets in the way of writing.’ ~ Jean MAuel 

It’s been one hell of a year so far.  There has been upheaval and drama in my life as well as with family and friends so I haven’t written as much as I would like.  I need solid concentration to put words on paper and this is not the time.  Let’s hope the second half of the year is more promising.  Until then, enjoy posts from my guest authors.  Leave a comment and you will be in the draw to win a beaded bookmark.  Pictured on your right.

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Welcome Author - Johnny Lavish

Where do you live?

Northeast England

Do you have a favourite saying?

The one saying, for whatever reason, I can remember is from Homer Simpson, "The first step to failure is trying so why even try."

How long have you been writing?

I have been writing for just about 10 years. My writing started slowly writing short-stories for my wife and over time the interest in writing grew.

Where’s your favourite place to write?

I have a small office upstairs that faces our garden and the room is about the farthest from the street. So it is quiet, especially in the morning.

Who’s your favourite superhero? (Thought I’d throw that one in.)

I guess it depends on my time in life. As a child I enjoyed watching Batman and Robin with Adam West. However as an adult I enjoyed the Superman movies. If I were to choose between Batman and Superman I would have to say, Superman.

What is the name of your book?

Please Share My Wife with Me? The Wife Swapping Diary of George and Melissa

Would you like to share the blurb?

Please Share My Wife with Me? The Wife Swapping Diary of George and Melissa is not an erotic story, it is much more. It is a romance story about a fictitious middle-aged couple who face a decision about their relationship and how they decide to handle it. At its core the story is about love and the extent that love can go to accommodate the changing needs that a couple has. In essence, it is an enduring love story that demonstrates that love can endure even the most trying of times.

Would you like to share an excerpt?

"Okay ...,” Melissa said with some interpretation in her voice. "Remember, I am responding back to him in order to get him to consider having a threesome with us and so I need to overdo it."
"Alright, just remember what we are trying to accomplish here."

Dear Brad,

It was nice hearing from you and reconnecting. It is odd after all of these years we only live 50 miles from each other. I have to admit, that was a really incredible experience and wish it did not end as soon as it did. There are nights when I think about you and what it would be like to fuck you again with your hard cock being driven deep inside of me. Since we broke-up I married a wonderful man, George, and we have been married for 15 years. Lately we have been having a few threesomes with single males and thought we would extend an invitation to you.

I hope this does not put you off since it was nice to hear from you and I would like to know how things are going for you. Let me know if you are interested and we can take it from there.


"Has he responded?"
"Yes," before she could say another word I could see her pupils in her eyes enlarge and her eyes get larger too. This told me, before she could say another word, that it was a go.
"So, what did he have to say?"
"We are meeting Saturday at our place for drinks and conversation."