Sunday, 19 May 2013

Miss Dubois

Here’s another short excerpt from my WIP

Matteo cocked an eyebrow and stared at her.  He would fire her for sure.  She lifted her chin and stared back at him, expecting a tongue lashing.

Instead, his gaze grew more intense and he tipped an imaginary hat.  “Touché, Miss Dubois, touché.”  And with that he strode out of the building.

Evie stood stunned.  He’d taken that remarkably calmly.  She frowned.  No doubt, he’d give her a serve tomorrow.  She sighed and made her way home.

Her nerves were on edge the entire evening as she thought about Matteo.  He didn’t seem to be the type to forgive so easily.  She sighed in resignation, took a long relaxing bath, and hopped into bed.

She awoke at three in the morning in the throes of an explosive orgasm.  As she gripped the edge of her bed, images of Matteo burned in her mind.

“Oh God,” she moaned, wishing that hadn’t just happened.  Why was she dreaming about Matteo?  And getting off on what she’d seen him do?

Her breathing returned to normal but the memory of his muscled naked body could not be erased.   She’d never witnessed anything like it before.  Sure, she’d watched some porn movies but this was real life.  And Matteo was one thousand times better equipped than any porn star she’d ever seen.  The way his body had moved while he’d fucked that woman was…

“Stop!” she ordered and punched her pillow.  How was she going to face him tomorrow?