Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Welcome Erotic Author - Tom Covenent

Yes it's me! Once again, with great pleasure, visiting Emelia Hayes Erotica!

Since I last visited, my collection of short erotic stories has been published by the excellent 'No Boundaries Press' and had a proper makeover! Previously self-published, the work named 'Tales of Masturbation and Imagination' has been renamed 'Wives Awakened', has been professionally edited and reformatted and has been given exciting new cover art!   

Those who already know my work know my preference for real life, real people, real sex, stories. But I have branched out and mixed erotica with my other favourite genre, magical fantasy! 

Here is an extract from the first part of my planned series 'The Princess of The Fall' part 1: Fallen, to whet the appetite...

...her breasts were small under a pale yellow satin blouse, her velvet russet bodice tightly laced to flatter with a generous cleavage. The edges of the bodice were intricately embroidered with complex patterns, scenes that seemed to shift and change in the flickering sunlight of the woodland path. As if enchanted fingers had worked magic with the golden thread, embroidered squirrels spiralled around the trunks of woven gold clad oaks. Their branches cast off silken leaves in an endless shower, laying down a fiery carpet stitched in red...

...don't worry, there is plenty of scorching hot sex too...

...leaning forward, she stretched her arms in genuflection to his presence, her eyes not breaking gaze with his. The crisp dryness of the leafy carpet pressed uncomfortably into her palms. Closing her eyes, she lowered her head. Her Rich red hair tumbled forward, merging with the shades of red and brown, leaf and earth and hair. Her nostrils were filled with the aroma of discarded foliage and earth, her ears with the satisfying crunch and rustle of his feet through brittle leaves. Hearing him making his way around her acquiescent form, she lifted her haunches high, her breasts pressing uncomfortably into the leaf litter, she felt just like a bitch presenting to a dog. The wetness of her arousal tickled as it trickled down the inside of her legs...

The Princess of The Fall is self-published and is available here.

Wives Awakened is published by 'No Boundaries Press'

Life begins at forty and fifty is the new forty! This collection of six erotic short stories looks behind the closed curtains of suburban middle England, uncovering a red hot world of passion and desire. 'Wives Awakened' blows away forever the myth that middle age and middle income means the end of the female libido. Husbands beware, inside that elegant demure exterior, a cougar may be lurking; if she escapes, your life may never be the same again! 

Wives Awakened is available here.

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