Thursday, 21 February 2013

Taste Giveaway 18+

To celebrate the end of summer – it’s been a hot one Down Under – My latest novella is FREE for one week from Smashwords.

Coupon Code: ML35D
Expires: February 28, 2013  


Kyle took a few moments to look over her naked body, licking his lips, before taking a nipple between his teeth.
She groaned as the action stirred her senses once more.
He did the same with her other nipple before looking over her again.  “You are delectable.”
Smiling, she kept her gaze on the velvet box.
With a grin, Kyle snapped it open.  “Close your eyes.”
Reluctantly, she did, and felt him move closer.  And then she felt it.  Around her neck.  “Can I look now?”
He laughed as warm fingers touched her skin.  “Just let me do up the clasp.” 
She waited impatiently.  “Now?”
“Okay.  Open.”
Her eyes sprang open and she looked down at her chest.  “Oh, my God,” she muttered. Her hands hovered over the lavish ruby necklace, too scared to touch.  She knew jewellery, and these were no ordinary jewels.
“It’s pretty spectacular, don’t you think?”
With three strands of the opulent rubies draped across her skin, she was speechless.
“I had to see them against your skin.  They were made for you.”
Flattered by his words, she looked at him in surprise.
He smiled, and sat on the edge of the bed, gazing at her, before running his hands over her breasts.  Her nipples puckered with his touch.
“Simply beautiful,” he murmured, running his tongue over the hardened peaks, one at a time.
With a shiver, she ran her fingers through his thick dark hair.  The feel of the rubies around her neck was astonishing.  She’d never bedded a man wearing anything quite so extravagant.
As his mouth travelled to her neck, she felt decadent and extremely horny.  This was a tale for the girls.
“I wanna fuck you and watch the rubies bounce off your skin,” he whispered against her ear.
Her pussy warmed.  He had a jewellery fetish, but she liked it. 

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