Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Evie's Pleasure

Here’s another short excerpt from my WIP.

He thrust into her hard and fast.  Time and time again.  Her body was on fire.  No man had ignited such heat within her so quickly. 

She held on tight as he continued his onslaught.  The raw masculine scent of him filled her nostrils and made her head spin.

Each thrust brought her closer and closer.  She was reeling out of control.

“Evie.”  Antonio’s voice was strained and she met his scorching gaze.  Beads of sweat had formed on his brow but he continued his forceful rhythm.  “Come for me, Evie.”  It was almost a growl.

She closed her eyes and let the sensations wash over her.  She stopped thinking and let herself feel every movement, every plunge, as he fucked her.

He banged her against the wall and a blistering fever ripped through her being.  When the explosion hit, sparks of light flashed before her eyes.

“Antonio!”  Her voice cracked as the flames of wildfire engulfed her.

His mouth crashed over hers and she could barely breathe.  His tongue was hot, taking possession.  He groaned low in his throat before she felt him shudder.

His thrusts intensified momentarily, and then he burst inside her.  The force of it made her collapse against him.  He held her up, his arms shaking.  His breaths came out in short, sharp bursts.

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