Thursday, 24 January 2013

Welcome Author Carl Chelsea

My name is Carl Chelsea and I love writing.  If you're going to be a writer you have to love it.  No one would put themselves through this process unless they loved it.  Trust me, its rewards are mostly personal and the pain you suffer from the readers is complex and ongoing.  However when you get some positive feedback and discover some actually get what you're doing and get off on it!  THAT is the pay off!

So, I started writing erotic tales by accident; actually I discovered that when my brain is left on creative idle it goes there rather quickly.  Trying to keep my mind busy while bored, or just keeping my writing skills sharp I found all of my, well, I'll call it doodling, went to the carnal.  Since I wasn't writing for an audience of any kind I allowed myself to let it ride.  Soon my erotic tales were taking over from my proper fiction writing!  I quickly realized that proper is overrated!

Early on in the youth of the interwebs I found the erotica story newsgroups.  There were some amazing stories written and posted on A.S.S. or, Alt Sex Stories for the acronym challenged.  A.S.S. exploded with fanciful smut for years, but sadly today it's a pathetic shell of its past glory. 

Leaving that world behind, I soon found some online writing groups with like minded people writing like minded smut!  I was home!  That was; I found my tribe!  I was exploring short story format, proper grammar skills, how to add suspense and build the story to a, well, a climax!  Then I heard about e-reader publishing.

I was pushed headlong into a great forum for online e-book publishing and I haven't looked back.  I was able to refine al the stories tossed in my doodling file and publish the best of them under the Rachel's Lace Erotica label!  Rachel has given me the support to continue my writing and the push to keep writing in the style I have chosen, even though they are aimed at a more literate, but still horny, erotica reader.

We have a few of the early books listed as free.  If you hop over to you can pick up "The Supplicant Applicant", "Rain Sex Over Me", and "Jenny's Naughty List" all written for fun and each one quite the succulent morsel of erotica!  Give them a try and send us some feedback at  We'd love to hear from you!

As for my favorites?  Rachel's Lace Erotica publishes a lot of books currently, and I love all of them, but I'm going with "Flashers", "April's Expecting Sex", and "Part Time Porn Star".  These aren't, in the parlance of our times, whack books.  They are fleshed out stories packed with good storyline, great characters and a whole lot of, well, creative fucking.

If you are the type who likes to skip to "the good parts" you won't have to skip too much.  Plenty of good parts inside all of our erotic fiction!  

Come, come my shy readers!  My only caveat for our company is that if you want good sex that entertains and sweeps you along into its own private world, well, come with us!  ...come with us!
-Carl Chelsea

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