Wednesday, 9 January 2013

A Work In Progress

Enjoy another short snippet.  Now, to think of a title.

“Antonio,” she rasped.

His scorching tongue circled her clit and tiny tremors of pleasure raced through her lower body.

The sight of him on his knees before her, stirred all her senses.

As his fiery mouth moved over her sensitive flesh, stimulating every pore of her, she felt the vibrations multiply.

She moaned her pleasure and Antonio intensified his actions.  He feasted on her ravenously.  It seemed he couldn’t get enough. 

Every stroke of his tongue brought her closer and closer to the edge. 

He nipped and sucked at her clit sending erratic surges into her pussy.  She could barely breathe.

His mouth was relentless, and finally, the orgasm tore through her like lightning, scattering every thought, every sound.  There was only sensation.  Wild, rampant sensation.

She basked in the aftershocks time and time again before opening her eyes.

Antonio was still on his knees.  “Bella donna,” he said in his sexy Italian accent.

Beautiful woman.

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