Thursday, 24 January 2013

Welcome Author Carl Chelsea

My name is Carl Chelsea and I love writing.  If you're going to be a writer you have to love it.  No one would put themselves through this process unless they loved it.  Trust me, its rewards are mostly personal and the pain you suffer from the readers is complex and ongoing.  However when you get some positive feedback and discover some actually get what you're doing and get off on it!  THAT is the pay off!

So, I started writing erotic tales by accident; actually I discovered that when my brain is left on creative idle it goes there rather quickly.  Trying to keep my mind busy while bored, or just keeping my writing skills sharp I found all of my, well, I'll call it doodling, went to the carnal.  Since I wasn't writing for an audience of any kind I allowed myself to let it ride.  Soon my erotic tales were taking over from my proper fiction writing!  I quickly realized that proper is overrated!

Early on in the youth of the interwebs I found the erotica story newsgroups.  There were some amazing stories written and posted on A.S.S. or, Alt Sex Stories for the acronym challenged.  A.S.S. exploded with fanciful smut for years, but sadly today it's a pathetic shell of its past glory. 

Leaving that world behind, I soon found some online writing groups with like minded people writing like minded smut!  I was home!  That was; I found my tribe!  I was exploring short story format, proper grammar skills, how to add suspense and build the story to a, well, a climax!  Then I heard about e-reader publishing.

I was pushed headlong into a great forum for online e-book publishing and I haven't looked back.  I was able to refine al the stories tossed in my doodling file and publish the best of them under the Rachel's Lace Erotica label!  Rachel has given me the support to continue my writing and the push to keep writing in the style I have chosen, even though they are aimed at a more literate, but still horny, erotica reader.

We have a few of the early books listed as free.  If you hop over to you can pick up "The Supplicant Applicant", "Rain Sex Over Me", and "Jenny's Naughty List" all written for fun and each one quite the succulent morsel of erotica!  Give them a try and send us some feedback at  We'd love to hear from you!

As for my favorites?  Rachel's Lace Erotica publishes a lot of books currently, and I love all of them, but I'm going with "Flashers", "April's Expecting Sex", and "Part Time Porn Star".  These aren't, in the parlance of our times, whack books.  They are fleshed out stories packed with good storyline, great characters and a whole lot of, well, creative fucking.

If you are the type who likes to skip to "the good parts" you won't have to skip too much.  Plenty of good parts inside all of our erotic fiction!  

Come, come my shy readers!  My only caveat for our company is that if you want good sex that entertains and sweeps you along into its own private world, well, come with us!  ...come with us!
-Carl Chelsea

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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Evie's Pleasure

Sharing another short excerpt.  I think I’ve settled on the title.  What do you think?


Her chest heaved as she gasped for air.

Antonio’s hands moved to her breasts and teased the nipples through her shirt.  Sparks of desire reignited in her loins.  She looked at him longingly.

A smile curved his lips and he stood, pulling her up from the desk.  He held her against him so that she could feel the bulge in his trousers.

“I want you,” he growled.

She nodded and moved her hands to his belt.  She had to feel his hardness inside her.

When his trousers dropped to the floor, she swallowed the lump in her throat and grasped his cock.  He was long and thick in her hand, and he let out a moan.

Before she knew it, she was pressed against the wall. 

Antonio kissed her fiercely.  His tongue was persistent in its claim of her mouth.

She yielded and kissed him back.  She ached for him.

When he wrenched his mouth away, his gaze was penetrating.  He scrambled for a condom and without a word, lifted her effortlessly onto his hard and willing cock. 

She groaned her pleasure. 

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Book Spotlight

This book sounds hot and spicy.  Thank you to Lillian Grant for sharing an excerpt with us.

One man. One sensual dance. One night only to prove his love.

Michael wants Maggie. Maggie has Sam. Two’s company, three’s a crowd.

Years ago, Maggie tried to seduce Michael Monaghan, only to have her efforts rebuffed. Now she’s older, wiser, happily in love with Sam Stephens, and determined to keep her distance from Michael.

Michael Monaghan, hot male stripper, has all manner of women falling at his feet, except Maggie.  All he can do is watch from afar as Sam Stephens wins the heart of the one woman he really wants.

Sam Stephens is just tired of Michael watching Maggie’s every move.

Now there’s trouble with a capital T! Maggie’s Great-Aunt Maud has run off to Ireland with Michael’s Uncle Declan. Maggie needs to get to Aunt Maud and talk some sense into her before Declan’s gun-totting wife catches up with them. With Michael and Maggie off to Ireland together, Sam isn’t about to be left behind.

Tracking down the runaway lovers is complicated by the coldest winter in Dublin in years. With Michael, Maggie and Sam stuck in a house with only one bedroom, simmering sexual tension starts to boil over.

Michael wants Maggie. Maggie isn’t sure what she wants. Sam just wants to punch Michael in the nose.

Two’s company; three could be something else altogether. 


Shannon scowled at the glasses with the stupid colored umbrellas as Pete placed them on her tray. Thursday was her night off. They never opened on Thursdays. She had plans to visit a club in one of London’s less seedy areas, and she was an exotic dancer not a fucking waitress.

Pete put the last drink down. “Table eight.”

“It won’t work.”

He leaned on the bar and leered at her boobs before running a finger along the edge of her skimpy bikini top, teasing the edge of a barely covered nipple. “We’ll see.”

She shifted out of reach. Pete disgusted her, and the more she resisted the more he seemed to want her. Not that it stopped him trying to whore her out to customers. She didn’t do sex for money, and she didn’t do sex with Pete, period. Fortunately, she pulled a big enough crowd that he wouldn’t dare get rid of her for refusing his gross seduction techniques. “Women won’t pay to see men take off their clothes.”

Pete glanced over her shoulder. “You want to tell them that?”

“You let them in for fucking free.”

“They’re paying for drinks, aren’t they? Or they would be if you’d fucking deliver them. Chop, chop. The show’s about to start.”

“I bet you’ve got some ugly old bloke with shriveled bollocks who won’t even flop his sad dick out.”

Pete laughed. “You’ll see. Now move it.”

Shannon delivered the drinks with a forced smile on her face, and then scooted to the back of the room to join Lisa who was already slacking off. The brunette passed Shannon a cigarette and lit it for her before blowing smoke rings. Shannon inhaled deeply and sighed as the nicotine hit her bloodstream. “Have you seen the hired naked dick?”

Lisa shook her head. “Nope, Pete’s had him under wraps. Rumor I heard was that he’s foreign and he’s never taken his clothes off in front of an audience before.”

Shannon giggled. “Oh God, this could be a right laugh if he gets stage fright. His dick’ll shrivel up. We’ll need a magnifying glass to find it.”

Pete came to stand behind them, and Shannonedged away as his fingers brushed her arse. The lights dimmed and the room was plunged into darkness. A hush fell over the crowd and then a deep guitar wail filled the air. A single spotlight hit the stage. Shannon’s stripper pole had been transformed into a lamppost. As the strains of Gary Moore’s Parisienne Walkways mesmerized the crowd a barefoot male stepped into the light, resplendent in top hat and tails, with a cane and gloves completing his ensemble. He lifted his head to reveal shoulder-length dark hair, chiseled features and full lips. He gave off an air of sexy disinterest at being the center of attention. His dark eyes scanned the crowd as he tossed the cane to someone offstage and then grabbed the lamppost with one hand and spun around in a twirl so low his hair almost brushed the timber floor.

Women yelled and whistled as he danced in front of the pole and began to remove his clothes. His hips moved in time with the music and the lamppost all but became his lover as his gloves, jacket, shirt and pants were tossed aside. He slid his hands over his body. Shannon’s skin warmed and her nipples pebbled as she imagined him touching her like that.

Standing in only a top hat and G-string, he moved to the music with a grace that made Shannon catch her breath. He was six-feet tall, studly and bad boy fucking awesome. When the guitar wailed on a single note the stripper stopped, dropped his head, and held his hat in front of his crotch. The air rippled with tension and Shannon licked her lips as she wondered if he would really go the full monty. As the note ended he tugged his G-string off, and Shannon held her breath. The song and the room fell completely silent for a heartbeat, and when the guitar riff echoed around the room he flipped the hat into his right hand and rolled it up his arm to land perfectly on his head. He spread his arms wide and tipped his head back to give all the ladies an eyeful of his junk. Shannon wasn’t the only one to wolf whistle.

Lisa coughed on her drink. “Fuck. He’s hung like a fucking horse.” She fumbled with her cigarette packet, trying to pull out another smoke, and Shannon could hardly blame her.

The song continued and he dropped his hands and lifted his head. From the low moans in the room, Shannon was sure she wasn’t the only one who felt thoroughly shagged by the stranger on stage. His dark eyes locked with Shannon’s. He smiled, and she swallowed as a shiver rippled up her spine and her panties dampened. “He’s fucking magnificent. Who is he?”

Pete’s breath warmed the back of her neck. “His name’s Michael Monaghan.”

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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

A Work In Progress

Enjoy another short snippet.  Now, to think of a title.

“Antonio,” she rasped.

His scorching tongue circled her clit and tiny tremors of pleasure raced through her lower body.

The sight of him on his knees before her, stirred all her senses.

As his fiery mouth moved over her sensitive flesh, stimulating every pore of her, she felt the vibrations multiply.

She moaned her pleasure and Antonio intensified his actions.  He feasted on her ravenously.  It seemed he couldn’t get enough. 

Every stroke of his tongue brought her closer and closer to the edge. 

He nipped and sucked at her clit sending erratic surges into her pussy.  She could barely breathe.

His mouth was relentless, and finally, the orgasm tore through her like lightning, scattering every thought, every sound.  There was only sensation.  Wild, rampant sensation.

She basked in the aftershocks time and time again before opening her eyes.

Antonio was still on his knees.  “Bella donna,” he said in his sexy Italian accent.

Beautiful woman.

Monday, 7 January 2013

Sexy Excerpt

Following on from my last post.  Any Suggestions?

Each second felt like an hour.
Finally, he moved his face closer and blew a hot breath over her wet heat.  She groaned in need.  “Please.”

He caught her gaze before spreading her silky lips.  She was on fire.

In one quick movement, he pushed a finger inside her.  She arched her back at the welcome intrusion.

“More,” she begged.

He didn’t disappoint and pushed in and out of her until she climbed closer to the edge.

She was almost there when he withdrew his finger.

She stared at him, her chest heaving.  The longing in her veins, painfully intense.

A flicker of a smile crossed his sexy mouth as his fingers caressed the tops of her thighs.  She was aching inside.

Without warning, he slammed his hot tongue inside her.  She jumped and grabbed onto his thick, dark hair as he plundered her pussy.

Friday, 4 January 2013

A Sexy Snippet

I thought I’d share the start of a new tale. Would love some feedback.

“Spread your legs.”

Evie shuddered at the forcefulness of his voice and did as he asked.

As his gaze raked over her and lingered there, between her legs, she held her breath.  It felt as if he was touching her.

He licked his lips and she swallowed the lump in her throat.


Her gaze met his and it scorched her to the core.  His blue eyes were dark with desire.  His look was predatory. 

She hesitated, and he stood and moved closer.  She spread her legs as wide as she possibly could.

His lips turned up in a smile and her heart fluttered. 

When he took another step toward her, she felt the pulsating in her veins. 

He knelt before her and his hands slid up her thighs, his fingers so close to her hot, wanting sex.