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Short excerpt from my WIP - Evie’s Pleasure


Finally, Antonio let her go and pushed her slowly down his torso.  She met his gaze and shivered at the intensity of his stare.

“Evie.  Bella. You taste amazing.  Now I want to feel you.”

His cock was hard against her thigh and she manoeuvred herself onto him.

He took a long rasping breath and she smiled.  It was her turn to tease and torture.

She began to ride him.  Slowly.  Rhythmically.  Taking as much pleasure as she was giving.

His hands reached up and caressed her breasts.  Her nipples tightened and he pinched the tips.  A sharp tingle raced into her pussy. 

She increased her rhythm.  Plunging herself onto his stiff cock.  Each thrust more powerful than the last, driving her on.

Antonio groaned and made her more aware of her actions.  She took a breath and slowed the tempo.  She didn’t want it to end too soon.

His sultry gaze revealed his desire and she smiled.  She moved her mouth to his and kissed him.  His hot tongue wrapped hungrily around hers, drawing her into his burning need. 

Her body heated.  His kiss accelerated her fervour.  And his.

He caressed her curves.  His hands like fire.

She pulled back.  She was in charge here.

He took a breath and she lifted her chin.  She began her slow rhythm once more but increased the pace slightly with each plunge.

Antonio lifted his hips to meet every thrust with his own. 

She shook her head in acceptance and met him thrust for thrust.  Harder.  Faster.  Hotter.

Sweat appeared on his brow and he moaned.  She had him.

She ground herself onto him, taking him deeper.  Time after time.  Thrust after thrust.  She was so close.

“Evie!”  Antonio grabbed her hips, plunged hard into her repeatedly until he shuddered with climax. 

His every convulsion sent sparks flying and licked at her incessantly until an orgasm burst into flames within her.  

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Afternoon Delight

More from my WIP - Evie’s Pleasure


The cool air touched her skin sending shivers up her spine.  Antonio watched as she undressed.  When she was naked he pulled her into his arms.  His hard body was pressed against her.

“Evie, you make me crazy,” he whispered, and kissed her.  His mouth was hot and their tongues collided.   She could taste his desire. 

His hands roamed over her.  His touch was firm and explored her sensitive skin.  The throbbing between her legs intensified.  

As if sensing her need, Antonio’s mouth released hers.  He took her hand and led her to a corner of the room.  A day-bed stood ready and waiting. 

She didn’t want to think too much about the convenience of it so kept her gaze on him.

Antonio let her hand go and lay on the bed.  She waited for his instruction.

“Come here, Evie.  I want to taste you.” 

She moved closer.  Her pussy pulsated.

“Bring that sweet pussy to me,” he commanded.

She took a breath and straddled him, moving closer and closer to his full sensuous mouth.

He grasped her hips and helped her along until her pussy was directly over him.  His hot breath scorched her pussy lips before he made contact.  And when finally his mouth met her aching wet sex, she groaned her pleasure.

He licked around her swollen lips, dipped inside her pussy, and then curled his tongue around her throbbing clit.

Sparks grazed her tender skin. 

Antonio explored every crease, every fold until she was half-crazed.  She couldn’t speak, all she could do was moan.

Once again, he manoeuvred his tongue over her clit.  His strokes were harder, more fervent, and she danced in rhythm over him. 

She moved her hands to her breasts and pinched her nipples, sending an electric current straight to her pussy.

She trembled.  She was going to come.

Antonio held her hips tighter and sucked and licked her clit without mercy until the orgasm tore through her.  

She screamed as wave after wave of explosive energy ripped through her being.

Antonio didn’t back off and she tried with all her might to get away from his blistering mouth but he held her firmly over him.  Each stroke was like fire.  Burning, agonizing.

Every touch of his tongue sent convulsions tearing through her body.  She couldn’t breathe.

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Saturday, 31 August 2013

Welcome Author Virginnia De Parte

Virginnia De Parte writes futuristic fiction, spiced with romance and adventure. She has three romances published as e-books and the fourth in the series about the genetically-altered Corban family is called ‘A Stellar Affair’ and is due for release in August/September. These are published by Secret Cravings Publishing.

 Her other love is writing poetry and she is published in this genre as well, both on line and in hard copy. She has an erotic piece called ‘Memoirs of Lady Montrose’ just released with Total-e-Bound.

A love words, and changing the way they are arranged, drives her writing. She endeavours to insert poetic prose into her fiction.  Setting her stories in the future allows her imagination to run riot and she waits for the world to catch up with her inventions, instead of having her work dated by the constant, present-day advances made in technology.

Virginnia belongs to writing groups and on-line critique lists, all of whom help to keep her on-track and well edited.

She lives in the aptly named Bay of Plenty, New Zealand, a land of beautiful scenery, four million people and a number of hobbits.

Visit Virginnia Here:

Memoirs of Lady Montrose


Lady Helen attends a Brighton Establishment to be sexually satisfied by their staff. Her husband Henry pays for this arrangement and together they relive the descriptions of her experiences there.   

This idyllic arrangement falls apart when Christopher Mortlock, from Brighton, recognises Lady Helen in London and endeavours to blackmail her. He is unaware of Lord Henry’s involvement and Mortlock’s blackmail plot is turned around to the benefit of all three of them. 

Mortlock agrees to a new arrangement to satisfy Lady Helen’s sexual needs and is inventive and athletic in his labours as their gardener and employee; until the day he introduces her to ‘Fairy Dust.’ Lord Henry’s wrath descends to save Lady Helen from addiction and punish Mortlock for his audacity.

A sexual romp that will titillate your senses as much as it delights Lady Montrose!


‘Christopher Mortlock – gardener extraordinaire.’
Everything you’d want from your gardener – and more, much more.  Hedges trimmed and cravings tended with expert care and consideration.

Short Summary of Story
Christopher Mortlock is more than your average gardener. Born in the Welsh valleys, he works in Brighton, sexually satisfying ladies in need. He recognises Lady Montrose when out one evening in London and endeavours to blackmail her. Lord Montrose turns Mortlock’s blackmail attempt into a job offer and one day a week Mortlock cares for their garden and satisfies Lady Helen’s extra needs.
All is well until the day Mortlock exceeds his brief and faces the ire of Lord Montrose. Lady Montrose leaves for Scotland and Lord Montrose reins Mortlock in. A brief time in jail and Mortlock is “banished to the colonies” leaving behind more germinating than just the seeds in the garden.


His message, left on a nail in the garden shed last Thursday, had read ‘Hide and Seek’. He’d given her a week to think of a hiding place.  She checked the time, stripped off her clothes, sprayed on some perfume and ran to the library. Her bare feet made no sound on the carpet. Behind the long velvet drapes in the library seemed the best solution and that’s where she now stood, on a stool to keep her toes from peeping out. Wrapped close around her the drapes kept her warm, until found.  Just thinking about it raised her excitement and her sex thrummed its anticipation.  The hall chime ten o’clock.  Time for the game to begin.
Mortlock’s footsteps thumped and his murmurings grew to sound very cross as he hunted without success.  Today he’d searched the library and in his hurry he’d missed her. He’d come so close the drapes had swayed. She’d suppressed a shiver and her nipples had hardened, brushed by the velvet.  Now his heavy tread moved around upstairs as he looked, before he pounded down the staircase. The door of the billiard room thudded as it hit the wall.  Moments later the library door opened, its familiar creak giving away his progress into the carpeted room.
Their love sessions were usually enacted in near silence, a hangover from Brighton more than a lack of something to say, but today he groaned, presumably with frustration but possibly, she hoped, with lust. 
 He began his second search of the room beginning on the opposite wall. She heard him opening the cupboards, shifting the couch away from the window wall, swishing the curtains. Her skin tingled, her sex heated and her muscles tightened low in her belly. The thrill of knowing he would find her at any moment made her legs weaken and with a swish the curtain yanked back.  She stood revealed, shivering in the draught, her buttocks tense, her feet barely holding her on the low stool.
Her erect nipples ached, her flesh tingled with goose bumps and a giggle of delight escaped her as he stared, his gaze raking her from top to toe.
“At last.”
 She stretched her arms up high to relieve their tension from being still for long minutes. Excitement bubbled and fizzed within her. He wrapped one arm around her waist and pulled her against his bare chest. His exertions had given him a sheen of perspiration. She toppled as the stool tipped. He righted her while he sucked and nipped her breasts. He slid his other hand between her thighs.  Hiding for so long had wound her like a coiled spring. She yelped in surprise . He released her and as the stool tipped once more he wrapped his arms around her waist to hold her steady.
“Minx.” He picked her up and threw her over his shoulder so her breasts rested on his back and her arse received a swift spank.
He marched with her, out of the library, and down the passage to the billiard room.  With care, he placed her on the billiard table, already covered with an eiderdown from one of the guest rooms upstairs.
He’d been busy while he’d been searching. Without a word he leapt onto the table and spread her legs apart. Kneeling between her thighs he trailed his tongue in circles over her belly, up to her breasts where he circled and licked till she made protesting whimpers. 
Desire surged through her limbs dampening her thighs and she moaned with frustration. With a sudden grab he lifted her hips and flipped her over.  Her arms flailed to catch up.  He pulled her rump, raising it and in response she knelt resting on her hands. Without pause he rammed his cock into her and pumped. She lowered herself onto her elbows. He held her fast at the hips pulling her back towards his body with every thrust, his strength such to render her helpless, yet sweetly so. She was possessed by male desire -  and she loved his energy. She closed her eyes and wished it was Henry making love to her at this moment.  Her sadness was overwhelmed by her body’s response.
Her clit rejoiced in being bumped by his balls with each thrust.  She shifted her weight and stretched under her belly to reach back and grab them.  They nestled in her hand and each time he reared back, she pulled them forwards across her hot wet sex.  They stretched and he moaned, thrusting faster. Her tight grip obviously excited him. She squeezed and rolled his balls harder in response, until they shared a mutual explosion of heat.  She enjoyed the sweeping sensation of the climax that rose from her clit, soared up her spine to her head and retreated slowly down again. Her limbs weakened and she folded to the quilt, taking him down with her. She rolled onto her back.
“Did I move to fast then, and hurt you?”
“Not likely. Look.” He crawled up, his knees on each side of her and displayed his cock, still stretched out hard and erect from his crotch, pointing towards his navel, his balls swinging with the movement.  A triumphant smile lit his face.
“More?” he asked and she reached up and wrapped her hands around his shaft and sac, feeling his balls tighten and rise in anticipation. He lowered his cock to her face, but she turned her head away.
“Not today thank you.”  Always polite, she smiled.
 “Well I guess I’d better get back to the garden.”  He jumped off the billiard table and she was glad Henry didn’t know they had romped on his sacred green baize. 
“A moment, Mortlock.” She rolled on to her side, and propped her head on her hand. “My husband will be joining us next Thursday.” His face adopted a mask of servility, but not before she’d notice the flash of surprise.
“Ah, a ménage a trois. Very well m’lady.  Until then.” He tugged his forelock and she recognised an air of arrogance behind the gesture. There was nothing servile about Mortlock at all. How he loved to play-act.
Left with the job of taking the eiderdown back she wrapped it around her shoulders.  A chill brushed her naked body as the heat of her orgasm faded and covered in the feather-downed quilt she climbed the stairs.
Standing under a hot shower in her en-suite, luxuriating in the flow of the water over her back and buttocks she pictured Matlock showering in his rather grand garden shed. In her mind his hands were covered in bubbles as he stroked his appendage. Such a satisfying piece of equipment she thought, a chuckle rising in her throat. 
Available here:

More Books by Virginnia

Sunday, 25 August 2013

WIP - Evie's Pleasure

More from my WIP ~ Evie’s Pleasure

He took her hand.  “Come on.”

She managed a smile.  “Okay.”

When they entered the studio, the paint smell was exhilarating.  She hadn’t picked up a brush in years.  The administration side of things always seemed to take up most of her time.

“Over here,” he said, pulling her to the corner of the room where an easel was set up.

Evie looked up and gasped.

He gazed at her expectantly.  “What do you think?”

“It’s…it’s me.”  She stared at the image of herself.

He moved closer to the easel.  “It’s not finished yet.”

She had a quick glance around and wondered if the other women in the paintings had been his assistants too.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

She nodded.  “No one’s ever painted me before.”

He laughed.  “I can’t think why not.  You’re beautiful.”

She smiled.  “Thank you.”

He grinned then began to peel off his clothes.

She cocked an eyebrow.  “What are you doing?”

“I want to hug you but don’t want to get paint on your clothes.”


He flashed another smile.  “I want to do more than hug you.”

Her stomach fluttered.  She liked his candour.  She liked everything about him, especially his strong taut body.

When he was naked he moved close to her and pulled her into his arms.  “Evie, I’ve been thinking about you all day.”

She laughed.  “That’s because you’ve been painting me.”

“That’s not the only reason.  I want to be inside you.”

Her pulse raced and she stared at him.  “I’d like that.”

He kissed her then, pulling her impossibly closer until she felt a throbbing between her legs.

His tongue swirled expertly around hers, cajoling, tantalizing.  She wanted him.  Skin on skin.

As if reading her mind, Antonio pulled away.

He looked at her hotly, intently.  “Undress for me.”

Her nipples grew hard and she began to undo the buttons of her blouse.


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Love Out Of Lust Series by Ray Sostre

Imagine yourself sharing the same apartment with someone, other than just a relative, you grew up with. He/She shared the same desires as you. There’s a perfect storm between you two, and you don’t know where it’s going from there. Imagine yourself, at a moment of weakness, having sex with the person. Does it become an addiction that you don’t want to let go? Yet, you both agreed that you don’t want to be serious, but beneficial and convenient for each other. Could it lead to something like love or just lust in the end? One would have to give; one way or another.

Beginning August 16th, I’m featuring Part Two of Love Out Of Lust, and in this story is the continuation from Daryl and Marisol’s first sexual encounter. They thought this would be a one-time thing, but their desires for each other were stronger than ever.

If you haven’t read Part One of Love Out Of Lust, then you are missing out on how the two began their sexual encounter. They grew up together, one had that long desire for a long time, and the opportunity to express it was right in front of them. It is available for FREE on Smashwords. Download your copy today:  Smashwords

And when you’re interested to know what happens between them, purchase your copy on Amazon or Smashwords – Love Out Of Lust Part Two. 

BLURB for Love Out Of Lust Part Two.

Daryl and Marisol had sex together for the first time, and their feelings about it left them sleepless for the night. The two discussed about their encounter, and decided to leave it as a one-time thing. But could they keep it as a one-time thing?

EXCERPT: Love Out Of Lust – Part Two

Marisol stepped away from the kitchen and walked down the hallway. She disrobed before stepping into the bathroom. All she was wearing was the underwear from last night and nothing else. She opened the bathroom door and entered. She hung her robe on the hook on the back of the door and took off her panties. Her heart was pounding like a jackhammer. She was going to shower with her friend, her roommate, someone she’d fantasized about for a long time.

“Daryl, we need to talk.”

“Couldn’t this wait?”

“No. I want to get this off my chest.”

“Off your chest?” his tone was disbelieving. “I thought we agreed it was a onetime thing?”

“Come on, Daryl, who are we kidding? I want you just as bad as you want me. And I know you feel the same way.” She entered the shower and saw Daryl holding on to a bar of soap. At the same time, she noticed his erection. She couldn’t help noticing it. She gave an impish grin. “Mind if I join you?”

“Come closer,”

She took a step closer and wrapped her arms around his shoulders. Their lips touched, their kiss intensified. They explored each other’s mouths with their tongues. She felt the water spray her face, wetting her body, causing her hair to dampen, but that didn’t matter. She was in Daryl’s arms; safe and sound and full of lust.

Not only was she in his arms, but she felt his cock pressed against her tummy, causing a delicious ache in her center. Marisol flashed back to the first time she felt him inside her. He was so long and hard, she couldn’t believe he was able to fit so perfectly. His thrusts had been so strong and passionate, she could climax at the very thought of him buried inside her.

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BLURB for Love Out Of Lust Part One.

Daryl & Marisol have been best friends since childhood, and live together as roommates. The two never developed this attraction, until one night when Marisol admitted some things to him out of a moment of weakness, and Daryl pursued those feelings himself. When their moment of weakness turns into something sexual, where does their friendship lead from there?

EXCERPT: Love Out Of Lust – Part One.

“Yeah,” she nodded. Then she shook her head. “We’ve been friends for so long. I can’t believe I’m confessing my sexual fantasies to you.” Her heart beat like never before. What an adrenaline rush. She began to lick her lips and a lustful thought began to loom about him.

“I’m sorry, but I’ve dreamt of kissing you. It’s been something I need to get off my mind.”

Daryl could feel his cock ache and throb with torment. He knew what’d happened if they kissed. He could feel his heart punch through the walls of his chest. The more he looked, the more he was suddenly attracted to her. He’d never looked at her that way... until now.

It was just years ago, when he first met her, she was this tomboy, flat-chested, ten year-old. Now, here she was a beautiful twenty two year-old that had blossomed into a voluptuous female, and by god she had such goodies under the sexy robe she wore.

“Me too.” he responded.

He stood up and waited for Marisol to get up and kiss him. Despite the anticipation, he couldn’t help his cock from sticking out of his sweatpants. He was quite big and impressive. Marisol smiled in approval.

She kissed him. It was a nice, small peck. Her lips felt soft and luscious. His hard-on remained painfully stiff. Then, without warning, he felt her hand on his cock. “You feel really nice...” She caressed his shaft and responded with amazement. “And big,” She looked up. “May I see?”

Daryl wanted her to see so badly. He anticipated her touch on his throbbing, dark member. He felt his sweatpants pull open, and when she got a glimpse of his hardness, she moaned in delight. “Mmmmm.... you’re big. Want to see mine?”

“Sure.” Now that she brought it up, Daryl couldn’t wait to see what she looked like underneath her robe. He’d only seen her in the sexiest outfits her delicious body could slip in, but he never knew what she’d looked like without any clothes on.

Part One Free from Smashwords


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Evie's Pleasure

Here’s another short excerpt from my WIP 

Evie glanced at the clock.  Home time.  She breathed a sigh of relief.  She’d been wound up ever since she’d spoken with Matteo.  Thank goodness he’d been absent for the rest of the day.

Antonio suddenly made his way to her.  “Evie.”

She smiled.  He was covered in paint.  She breathed him in, captivated by the scent of his creativity.  “Hi.”

He kissed her.  “I’ve missed you.  Do you want to have dinner with me?”

She smiled again.  Antonio was so uncomplicated.  “I’d love to.”

“But first, I want to show you what I’ve been working on.”

She lifted her brows.  “I thought artists didn’t share their work until they were complete.”

He laughed.  “I don’t usually.  But I want your opinion.”

Her heart raced.  “I’m flattered.”

He gave her a crooked smile. “Evie, you’re resume speaks highly of your experience.  That’s why I hired you.”

Antonio fucks all his assistants.  Matteo’s words grated.

“What happened to your last assistant?” she asked.

He shook his head.  “Virginia became attached and lost sight of her position.”

Evie stared and swallowed the lump in her throat.  “Her position?”

Antonio sighed.  “She was my assistant not my wife.  She made a few bad decisions.”

Evie took a breath.  “Oh.”


Saturday, 27 July 2013

Evie's Pleasure

I managed a few lines.  Here’s another short excerpt from my WIP - Evie’s Pleasure.

It wasn’t until lunchtime that she saw Matteo again.  He walked calmly up to her and handed her some paperwork. 

“Can you please file these?” he asked.

She dared to gaze at him.  His thick, dark hair framed his ruggedly attractive face and her pulse raced.  “Sure,” she managed.

He stared at her with dark eyes that thrilled her to the bone.

“Was there something else you wanted?” she inquired.

A lusty grin curled his lips.  “There’s always something I want,” he told her huskily before walking away.

Her skin tingled in anticipation and she put a hand to her throat.  She could barely breathe.   Did that mean he wanted her?

She remembered the way he looked without clothes and her nipples grew taut.  And then her thoughts turned to Antonio and she bit her lip.  These Latin men would surely be the death of her.