Friday, 14 December 2012

Guest Author - Trixie Savreux

Trixie Savreux lives in South Africa and has been working for the same corporate company for more than 27 years. With the children out of the house and independent, she and her husband are planning on retiring early and leading a more relaxing lifestyle.

Trixie has started writing a full length fantasy novel. Ever impatient she decided that she wanted to be published earlier than what her novel would be ready.

The result is a series of erotic short stories (The Handyman series) of which ‘Lighting Her Fire’ is the first. Here we meet Jason who is forced through circumstances to start his own handyman business. He has no idea what his future customers have in mind for him, and this brings some unexpected results.

In the second Handyman book, ‘Good Choices, Bad Choices’, Jason tries to find the balance between work and play and makes some blunders on the way. Women are after all not always easy to read or understand.

Trixie continues writing her novel but will also regularly publish further episodes of ‘The Handyman’ saga.

Excerpt from ‘Lighting Her fire’

“Time to let him taste my juices,” she said as she moved down the steps until her pussy was at the same height as Jason’s cock. She pulled him slightly forward by the base until the tip touched her outer lips. Using her fingers she spread her pussy lips, revealing its moist pink secrets.

For Jason the sight of this blond nymph bracketed naked between his body and the ladder, and playing simultaneously with her pussy and his cock was almost too much to bear. He longed to surge forward strongly and impale her, but managed to hold back and watch the scene unfold.

Dipping her fingers into the hot moisture of her pussy, Sandra coated the tip of his cock with her juices. Jolts of pleasure shot through Jason as she massaged the rim of the mushroom shaped head, raising gooseflesh across his arms and legs and causing his nipples to harden.

Excerpt from ‘Good Choices, bad Choices’

After a brief moment of indecision, her fingers curled slightly and her nails gently racked upward disappearing into the legs of his shorts. Jason’s indrawn breath hissed as one set of nails tickled his balls while the other ran up his shaft. He could feel his balls contracting with pleasure while his shaft grew harder and heavier. Reaching the engorged tip she used her fingertips to spread the pre-cum around the edge. Every time a nail gently nicked the soft skin of his glans, Jason felt as if small bolts of electricity ran straight from his penis to his nipples.

Resisting the urge to ravish her right there, he put a finger under her chin and lifted, tearing her gaze away from the hidden movement in front of her. Looking her straight in the eye he whispered hoarsely “are you into mud wrestling?”

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Trixie Savreux

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