Saturday, 22 December 2012


Mandy’s fingers circled her clit.  She was so horny.  She hadn’t had a fuck for weeks.  Her pussy was dripping wet as she played with herself.
If only one of the guys was here to lick it for her.  She groaned at the thought.  So many gorgeous hunks to choose from and she was alone.  How depressing.
It had been a busy semester at the university.  Her nursing studies had taken precedence over everything, and that included men.
Her thoughts wandered to Damon McNally, and she sighed.  He had the biggest cock she’d ever seen.  If only he was here now fucking her senseless.
She’d never forget the first time she’d seen him naked.  She almost passed out.  He’d seen the fear in her eyes and had spoken softly, gently, before showing her just what he could do with that monstrous cock of his.
She pushed two fingers into her pussy and moaned.  Damon’s cock had filled her to the brim, reaching every part of her pussy.  And when he began thrusting inside her, tears had formed in her eyes.  Not because of pain but because of the enormity of the pleasure he was giving her.
With a shiver, she recalled the way he’d fucked her.  Long, slow and hard.  She’d come twice, and that was in the first forty minutes.  Damon could keep a hard-on for hours.
“Oh, God, I wish you were here,” she whispered.
Her fingers slipped in and out of her wet pussy.  She was so wet she could water the garden.
She circled her clit relentlessly, imagining Damon’s hot tongue there.  All the while, she plunged her fingers in and out of her throbbing pussy.  And that’s when she thought of Cole Sanderson and Brody Gray.
Wouldn’t it be lovely if all three hot men were fucking her at the same time?
She’d had sex with all of them at different times, and they fucked exceptionally.  She’d even told them about her fantasy.  To have more than one man at the same time. 
After speaking the words, she’d seen the hunger in their eyes and knew they were thinking about it too.
Mandy reached for her vibrator.  She needed something long and hard inside her to take the edge off.
She was going down the beach later and knew she would fuck anyone that offered if she didn’t have release.
The gentle whirring of the vibrator echoed in the room.  Thankfully, her flatmate, Eloise, was out and she could play. 
As she brought the vibrator to her pussy, she moaned.  When she plunged it inside her, the vibrations tore through her senses.
“God, that feels good,” she growled.
She pushed the vibrator in and out, time and time again.  Her fingers circled her clit harder and faster, and as her thoughts returned to Damon’s huge cock, she came.
“Oh, Damon!” she cried, as spasm after spasm ripped through her being.
The contractions went on and on.  Her breathing was ragged as wave after wave of pure delight washed over her.  She knew how to prolong her orgasm.  Damon did too.
Finally spent, she tossed the vibrator to the side and pulled the blankets over her.  She always felt cold after an orgasm.  If Damon had been there he would have pulled her into his arms and warmed her with his body.
“Shit!” she cursed.  She had to forget about Damon.  The man never called her.  He would disappear for weeks and then out of the blue he’d turn up and expect her to spread her legs.  Which she always did.
She told herself that she would ignore him, but one gaze at his gorgeous brown eyes and hard, muscular body, and she would do his bidding.
Damon was always in control and knew just how to push her buttons.   She wished she could get to him.  To have some semblance of control in their warped relationship.  But he was an enigma, and nothing she did or said ever made any difference to how he treated her.
“Damn you, Damon!” she said through gritted teeth.
She pushed the blankets aside and strode to the bathroom.  She needed to wash that man out of her head, and turned on the shower.
As the warm water cascaded over her body, she thought about Cole and Brody again.  Hopefully, she would hook up with one of them tonight and they would bring her back here and fuck her senseless. 
That’s what she needed.  A good fuck.  And then she’d stop thinking about Damon, and his warm tongue, and massive cock.
She groaned.  She didn’t think she’d ever forget that!

 ~ ~ ~

The night was cool as Mandy made her way to the beach, but the huge bonfire soon warmed the air around her.
Music blared, and people danced and drank and laughed.  She smiled and looked around for some familiar faces.
“You made it!” her friend, Annabel, shouted over the din.
She nodded.  “I had to get out of the house.  I was going nuts.”
“Glad you came.  Look,” Annabel said, pointing to a group of guys.  “Todd Lansdale’s here.”
Mandy laughed.  “And we know who’s got a ‘thing’ for him, don’t we?”
Annabel giggled.  “He’s gorgeous.”
Mandy smiled faintly.  ‘Gorgeous’ was a brown-eyed hunk that didn’t appear to be here.  “Have you seen Damon?” she asked.
Annabel shook her head.  “No.  He seems to have disappeared.  I haven’t seen him for ages.”
“Yeah, I know,” Mandy said with a sigh.
“But there are plenty of other guys.  Most of the football team is here,” Annabel told her.  “Why don’t we go and chat?”
“Okay,” Mandy agreed.  It was pointless waiting for Damon to appear.  Maybe she’d find Cole or Brody, or some other hunk.  Despite her earlier ministrations, her pussy was crying out for a pounding.
They moved closer to the group of rowdy students and were offered beers.  Mandy readily accepted.  She needed something to ease the throbbing between her legs. 
Todd Lansdale suddenly appeared and honed in close to Annabel.  “Hi, Bell.”
“Hi,” Annabel replied, giving Mandy an ethereal smile.
Mandy smiled back and took the hint.  She moved closer to the bonfire and drank her beer.  When she finished that one, someone handed her another.
It didn’t look like her three favorites were here, and everyone else seemed to be paired off already.   She may as well get blind drunk, and took a swig of beer.
As she gazed at the orange glow of the bonfire, she remembered another time.  Brody Gray’s image swam before her and she recalled their last encounter.
It had begun at the beach, at a scenario similar to the one tonight.  Brody had swaggered up to her, his green eyes shone bright against the firelight, and asked if she wanted to fuck.  Talk about surprise.  She thought she probably should slap him but the crooked grin he gave her had made her pussy purr. 
When he’d brushed a hand over her backside, she’d leaned into him.  His masculine scent had been intoxicating.
“My Place?” he’d asked and she’d nodded, unable to take her eyes off him.
When they’d arrived at his place, they hadn’t even made it to the bedroom.  Their clothes were off at the front door and Brody had slung her over his shoulder and laid her on the couch.
She took a breath as she remembered how he’d spread her legs and pushed his face into her pussy.  The throbbing between her legs intensified.  Brody had expertly teased and licked her pussy until she’d come multiple times, and when he thrust his long, hard cock inside her, she had almost exploded in ecstasy.
Taking a quick look around, she searched for him.  She could use a little of ‘cave-man’ Brody’s cock tonight.  She sighed when he was nowhere to be seen.  It was unlike him to miss a good beach party.
She took another swig of beer.  She was getting tipsy but she didn’t care. 
Her thoughts took her to Cole Sanderson.  His bright blue eyes were in sharp contrast to his dark hair and always had her spellbound. 
He was definitely an ass-man.  She’d been quite shocked at his fascination with her ass but soon got over it.  When his tongue had delved into that very personal part of her, he’d made her uncomfortable.  At first.  But he was obviously well practiced because she had turned to jelly under his scorching intrusion.
His fingers had worked in her pussy and teased her clit while his tongue thrust in and out of her ass.
She shivered at the thought and took another drink.  God, what was she doing to herself?  The guys were nowhere to be found and she was working herself up for nothing.
Surely, she could find someone else.  She had to douse the fire in her pussy.
She tried to get up but her legs were wobbly.  Great, she was drunk.  The worst possible thing to happen.  Drunk always meant horny.
The fire raged in front of her, making her sleepy.  Someone offered her another beer and she took it without caring who it was.  If she couldn’t get laid, she was going to get blind.

 ~ ~ ~

Mandy felt herself being swept up.  She was floating.  She tried to open her eyes but they felt as if they were glued shut.
She moaned and heard whispers around her.  Hands played over her skin.  Strong, masculine hands.  Slowly caressing.  Tantalising her flesh.
It must be a dream.  She’d had so much to drink.  Couldn’t remember much.  Her hands reached out and she felt soft cotton.  No beach sand.  Maybe she was home in bed.
Warm lips caressed hers and she opened her mouth in acceptance.  A tongue curled around hers and she tasted desire.
Her pussy began to throb.  She was still horny and getting more so with this insistent mouth on her own.
It was a pleasant kiss.  A familiar taste.
“Damon?” she whispered.  Her eyelids remained closed.
No answer.  
The mouth returned.   More insistent than ever.  Then scorched its way down her body.
Her arms were like lead weights.  She couldn’t move and had to accept what she was being given.
She should be afraid but she felt so relaxed.
A hungry mouth tugged at her nipples sending sharp tingles of pleasure up her spine.
And hands. 
Suddenly, there were hands all over her.  Too many for one man.
“Damon?” she said again but was silenced with a kiss.
A tongue thrust into her mouth.  Different from before.  Her heart picked up its pace.
She must be dreaming.  It was her fantasy.  Having more than one man at a time.  And she was not going to wake up and ruin it.
She curled her tongue eagerly around the one in her mouth only to feel another.  Between her legs.  And then another on her breasts.
What a dream!
Hands spread her legs further.  The onslaught between her legs made her whimper.  The mouth left hers and she said,  “Don’t stop.”
A chuckle echoed around her.  She knew that voice.  “Brody?” she asked.
The mouth returned and she knew it was.  Brody was the best kisser on the planet and beyond.  She was sure of that.
A tongue curled in her ear and sent a frisson of electricity through her body.  She heard a moan.
“Cole?” she questioned.
No one answered but she instinctively knew it was him.
God, this was a great dream.  Her three favorites all together in the same room.  And fucking her.
Instantly, the sensations of all three mouths turned into a torrid inferno in her belly.  She was going over the edge.
“Please,” she begged.  She needed this.  Needed it so bad.
The flick of a tongue over her clit was the catalyst that sent a roaring flame burning into her being.
She cried out as spasm after spasm tore through her.
The mouths didn’t stop until she was completely and utterly spent.  The contractions vibrated to the very end.
She took a deep breath as she returned to earth.
“Wow!” she whispered.  If only it was real.


Mandy struggled to open her eyes.  Her eyelids felt heavy.  She tried to move but it felt like her hands and feet were bound.  With a mighty effort, she finally managed to snap her eyes open.
Looking around the room, she realised she had been here before.  With football flags on the wall and trophies on the bookcase, she knew this was Damon McNally’s room.
What the hell was she doing here?  The last thing she remembered was partying with the gang down the beach after the footy game.
With a quick turn of her head, she knew she was bound for real.  And another thing, she was naked.  “Oh, God,” she murmured, wondering if her drink had been spiked.  Her head was pounding.
Hearing a door squeak, she spun her head.  Damon McNally swaggered into the room and smiled.
She frowned.  “Damon, what the hell is going on?  You better untie me,” she warned.
He chuckled, moving closer, and kissed her on the lips.  “But Mandy, this is what you wanted.  You told me so.”
“What?” she asked in disbelief.
Sitting on the edge of the bed, Damon fondled her breasts, all the while, looking into her eyes.  “Don’t you remember?”
His touch gave her goose bumps.  She wasn’t a stranger to his caresses, but lying there, tied to his bed, was a new experience.  “I didn’t even see you at the beach,” she stated, as his hand moved over her belly.
“No, but I saw you.  We all did,” he declared.
“We?” she queried.
“Me and the boys,” he answered.
Her eyes widened.  “What boys?”
“Cole and Brody,” he replied, and moved to the door.
Mandy felt her heart race.  He couldn’t mean they were in the other room?  Her gaze was plastered to the doorway.

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