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Allie walked quickly to her office.  She wore no panties and she’d shaved her pussy.  For Kyle.  For tonight.  How was she going to get through the day?
“Morning,” Susan said with a smile.
“Morning,” Allie replied.  She reached for the door handle.
“Are you feeling better?  You look a little flushed,” Susan remarked.
She didn’t know the half of it.
“I’m fine, just wondering how to catch up on all the work I missed yesterday.”
“I’ve organized your appointments so you have a break between each one,” Susan replied.
Allie gave her a smile.  “Thanks, Susan.  You’re an amazing secretary.”
Susan chuckled.  “I have an amazing boss.”
“Thanks.  Now, to get to work.”  Susan pushed open her door and disappeared into the office.
She flopped onto her chair and let out a breath.  How was she going to concentrate?  It was just as Kyle said.  She couldn’t stop thinking about her exposed pussy.  She was sure to be sitting in a puddle by the end of the day.
She shook her head.  That man would pay for it tonight!
Her first appointment was torture.  Stuart Morgan was a handsome man in his forties who liked to get close to her.  He’d asked her out in the past but she never dated a client.  That hadn’t stopped him from trying though.
“We could discuss this over dinner,” he crooned.
She laughed lightly.  “You know that’s against my policy, Stuart.”
“One little dinner won’t hurt,” he replied as his gaze wandered over her.
She shifted uncomfortably.  Could he tell she wore nothing under her skirt?  She moved back behind her desk.  “I have plans.”
He lifted an eyebrow.  “Maybe another time?”
With a shake of her head, she tidied the papers on her desk.  Normally, she wasn’t this fidgety but today was no ordinary day.  “Sorry, I can’t.  Susan will sort out your account,” she said in dismissal.
Stuart gave her a customary bow of his head and made for the door.  Before she could blow out a breath of relief, he turned.  “Thank you for your time.  I look forward to our next meeting.”
The way he said the words made her pussy tingle.  She couldn’t manage to speak so just smiled, and he walked out of the room.
“I’m going to kill Kyle,” she muttered under her breath.   All her senses were heightened and all she could think about was sex.
Thankfully, she had some time to compose herself before her next client arrived.
By lunch time she was exhausted.  Trying to steer her thoughts away from her little ‘problem’ was harder than she anticipated.
There was a knock on the door.
“Come in,” she called.
Susan stood in the doorway.  “Mr Lancaster rang to say he’s stuck in traffic.  He’s not sure when he’ll get here.  Shall I hang around till he arrives?”
“No, you go to lunch.  I can manage,” Allie replied.  She could do with a break.
“I’ll bring you back a sandwich,” Susan said.
Allie smiled.  Susan really was a great secretary.  “Thanks.  And don’t rush back.  Mr Lancaster is the last client for today.”
“Okay.  I’ll see you later,” Susan answered before she closed the door.
Allie stood and stretched her back.  She had somehow managed to get through the morning.  She sighed as she waited for her client.  She had so much paperwork to do.
After about ten minutes there was a knock on the door.  She moved to open it and the smooth material of her skirt made her very aware of the sensitive skin beneath.  She took a breath and yanked open the door.
She stared in astonishment.
With a frown she looked past Kyle who was standing in the doorway and searched for Mr Lancaster.  Her gaze returned to him.  “What are you doing here?”
“I have an appointment,” he answered.  He appeared to be as shocked as she was.
“You can’t have.  I’m waiting for Mr Lancaster.”
His eyebrows rose.  “That’d be me.”
“What?  You’re not Ian Lancaster,” she replied, tersely.
A smile crept on his lips.  “No, I’m his son, Kyle Lancaster.”
It took a while for the words to sink in and she stared at him mutely.  What was he saying?  He couldn’t be.
“I take it you’re Alison Ambrosi?”
Her stomach churned.   Oh, God.  She’d had sex with a client!
She took a step back.  “I’m so sorry.  I didn’t know.”
He moved towards her and she kept walking backwards until she hit the desk.
Kyle chuckled.  “And I thought I could impress you with that ruby necklace.  You virtually supply all the jewellery chains in this city.”
The mention of the jewels sent a power surge straight to her pussy.  The memory of Kyle fucking her while she wore the necklace played like a movie over and over in her head.
He finally reached her and ran a finger over cheek.  “You look very professional today.”
She swallowed the lump in her throat.  It was a pity she couldn’t speak.  She must look like an idiot.  She certainly felt like one.  What must he think of her?
“Allie,” he began.
“Kyle,” she burst out.  “I’m so sorry for my behavior.  I didn’t know you were a client.  I…”
“Chill,” Kyle said.  “Neither of us knew.”
“But, I don’t do, that is, I don’t associate with my clients on a personal level.”
Kyle gave her a crooked smile.  “It’s a little too late for that now, isn’t it?”
She covered her face with her hands.  Her brain wasn’t working.
“Allie,” he said and took her hands in his.  “I think we’re way past embarrassment.  Don’t you think?”
Her heart was pounding.  “Kyle?”
“You won’t say anything, will you?”
He shook his head.  “I don’t kiss and tell.”
She stared into his vibrant blue eyes.  It would have been fine if kissing was the only thing they’d done.
“Did you do what I asked you to do?”
Her eyes widened.
“Did you?” he whispered against her ear.
She nodded and heat flooded between her legs.  
Kyle smiled before moving to the door.  She heard the click of the lock and stared at him.
“I want to see,” he said as he made his way back to her.
“Here?” she shrieked.
He pulled her in his arms and ran a tongue over her lips.  “Yes.”
She couldn’t.  They couldn’t.  Not in the office.
Kyle’s fingers found the zip of her skirt and before she knew it, the skirt lay in a heap at her feet.
Kyle took a step back and surveyed her handiwork.  “Beautiful,” he said and moved towards her again.  He grabbed her waist and lifted her onto the desk.
“Kyle,” she croaked.
“Spread your legs,” he ordered.
A chill ran up her spine.  She loved it when he was forceful.
“Now,” he said.
Without taking her eyes off him, she spread her legs.  Her pussy purred.

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