Saturday, 20 October 2012

TASTE - An Excerpt


Allie flipped the card in her hand over and over again.  Eric’s card.  After two weeks of the most amazing sex she’d ever had, there was nothing.  For three weeks, nothing.
She swivelled her office chair to face the window and thought of Kyle fucking her over her desk while Eric washed the windows outside.  Her pussy grew moist.
She blew out a breath and looked at the card again.  Damn it!  She was going to ring him.
Only last night, she’d spoken to Kyle.  They’d had the hottest phone sex but that only seemed to increase her need. 
As she rang Eric’s number, her heart rate increased.  She hardly knew Eric, but, what the heck?  He’d fucked her, hadn’t he?  Who cared if she didn’t know what his favorite color was?   Besides, Kyle had said he’d checked him out.  Whatever that meant.
“Hello, Eric Denson,” said the husky, accented voice on the end of the phone.
She swallowed the lump in her throat.  “Hi, Eric, it’s Allie.”
When there was silence, she added, “Alison Ambrosi.”
“Oh, that Allie,” he said with a chuckle.
She wondered how many Allies he knew then shook the thought from her mind.  “Yes.  I hope I haven’t called at an inconvenient time.”
“No, not at all.  I’ve almost finished for the day.  I was just packing up my gear.”
“Oh, good.  I…I was wondering…that is…”
“Do you want to see me?” he interrupted.  She heard the amused tone of his voice.
Her hands were shaking.  “Well, yes, if you’re not busy.”
“I’ve got something on later tonight, but how about I meet you in your office in, say, twenty minutes?”
She gulped.  She hadn’t expected that.
“Okay,” she blurted.
“I’ll just clean up a little…”
“No!”  She hadn’t meant to shout.  “I mean, come as you are.”
He chuckled.  “If that’s what you want.”
“Yes.  Please.”
“In that case, I’ll be there in ten minutes.”
Ten minutes?  She must be insane.  “Okay, see you soon.”
She hung up the phone and dashed to the bathroom to freshen up.  Thankfully, Susan had left for the day and wouldn’t know of her ‘visitor’.
When she returned to her office, she wrung her hands in anticipation.  The heat between her legs was escalating moment by moment.
The knock on the door made her breath catch in her throat.  She took two calming breaths before she moved to open it.
Eric stood in the doorway, sweaty, rugged, and very sexy in his work clothes.  She gripped his shirt and pulled him into the room before locking the door.
She didn’t need to ask.  Eric slammed her up against the wall and kissed her ferociously.  He pushed up her skirt and her panties were torn off.  Torn off!  Oh, God, that made her hotter still.
“Fuck me,” she growled.
Eric didn’t hesitate.  He unzipped his jeans, whipped on a condom, and lifted her onto his hard cock.  He slammed into her wet heat over and over again.

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