Thursday, 6 September 2012

At the Restaurant


The polite banter between them was starting to annoy Allie.  Kyle was being the perfect gentleman.  And she hated it.
Where was the sexual innuendo?  The sultry looks?  The fiery caresses?  
She was getting hot and bothered and Kyle hadn’t done a thing.  And that was the problem.  She was sitting all prim and proper with no panties and a newly-shaved pussy.  It was making her stir-crazy.
“Is something the matter?” Kyle asked.
She glared at him.  “Yes, there’s something the matter.”
He reached over and grasped her hand.  “What is it?  Have I done something wrong?”
“No!  Yes!”
Kyle raised his eyebrows.  “Which one is it?”
“You haven’t done anything wrong and that’s the problem,” she hissed.
Kyle’s lips turned up in a smile. 
“Well?” she snapped.
“Well, what, Allie?  What is it you want me to do you?”  The huskiness of his voice reverberated throughout her body.
“I…I need you…” she paused and Kyle gazed at her expectantly.  “I need you to touch me,” she croaked.
Without a word, Kyle moved his chair closer to her.  “Tell me where you want me to touch you,” he whispered against her ear.
His hot breath fanned the blazing flames within her.  She looked around the room and decided their position in the restaurant was secluded enough.  “Anywhere,” she managed.
“Anywhere,” he echoed, running a finger down her cheek.
Her chest was heaving as his finger trailed over her neck and further down.  He stopped short of touching her breast.  Instead, he moved a hand to her knee and she felt it creep up her trembling thigh.
She stared at him.  He wouldn’t would he?  But she didn’t tell him to stop.  She wanted him to touch her.  There.  Between her legs.
His hand crept closer and she felt her fever grow.  His gaze was electrifying, never leaving hers for a second.
When his fingers met her wet heat, she took a sharp intake of breath.
 “I know what I want for dessert,” he stated in a low voice.  “Let’s get out of here.”

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