Saturday, 18 August 2012


“Simply beautiful,” he murmured, running his tongue over the hardened peaks, one at a time.
With a shiver, she ran her fingers through his thick dark hair.  The feel of the rubies around her neck was astonishing.  She’d never bedded a man wearing anything quite so extravagant.
As his mouth travelled to her neck, she felt decadent and extremely horny.  This was a tale for the girls.
“I wanna fuck you and watch the rubies bounce off your skin,” he whispered against her ear.
Her pussy warmed.  He had a jewellery fetish, but she liked it.  If he knew she was part of the Ambrosi jewellery chain he would probably go nuts, but she always kept her private life private.  Especially with men she’d known for only a few hours.
Kyle moved off the bed and reached for a condom.   He quickly rolled it onto his hard cock.  He was certainly in a hurry.
“You don’t know how hot you look,” he said hoarsely, and climbed between her legs.
“You look pretty hot yourself,” she replied, looking at his cock.  At some point today she was going to suck him off.  The thought of it, sent a spark of heat shooting into her pussy.  “Fuck me now,” she demanded.
He plunged his cock into her wet heat and groaned at the contact.  “You’re on fire,” he muttered.
She knew it to be true and arched her back.
Kyle didn’t waste any time and began to move inside her, long, deep thrusts that reached her inner core.
With every thrust, the ruby necklace bounced off her skin, just as Kyle wanted.  His eyes were glazed over in desire, and she realized the motion was affecting her in much the same manner.  Who knew wearing precious gems while fucking could be so arousing?
The sweat began to glisten on Kyle’s skin which made him all the more pleasurable to look at.  The man really was gorgeous, and his body was a work of art.  Every muscle in his arms flexed as he held himself over her.  She knew she could climax on those biceps.
Kyle lifted her hips and drove into her.  She moaned in delight.  He was a sex-god.  Every thrust after that was hard, forceful, and she knew she was going to come very soon.
As Kyle continued pounding her, the necklace fell back onto her neck, like a choker.  The feel of the rubies against her sensitive skin made her nipples tense, which in turn led to the sparks racing through her pussy.
Shifting slightly, Kyle ground hard against her clit with every thrust, and she was ablaze.  The firestorm hit and she groaned in ecstasy as wave after wave of intense explosions pummelled through her entire being.
“Jesus!” she heard Kyle growl before he fucked her harder and faster. 
She felt him quiver, and he groaned as he climaxed.  He was breathing rapidly, his chest rising and falling, his eyes closed. 
Their bodies still joined, she looked at him while he struggled to return to normal.  She smiled, quietly pleased that she’d had such an effect on him.
Finally, his gaze met hers.  The intensity in his eyes made her heart flutter.  “Hi, I’m Allie,” she teased.
He managed a laugh.  “It’s a bit late for introductions.”
With a grin, she rubbed a hand up his arm.  “It seemed you went away for a while.”
He blew out a breath as he pulled out of her.  “That’s for sure.  Your pussy damn well kidnapped me.”
Giggling, she watched him move to the bathroom and she stretched luxuriously, righting the rubies around her neck.  When he returned, he stood at the edge of the bed, staring at her.  “God, you looked delicious.”
She raised her eyebrows.  A few minutes ago he seemed exhausted.
“If I wasn’t so tired, I’d be licking that pussy of yours, getting you back.”
“Getting me back?”
“Have you any idea what happens when you come?” he asked, moving on the bed beside her.
“Well, kinda.”
He shook his head.  “Your pussy contracts so damn hard.  My cock doesn’t have a chance.”
Smiling mischievously, she whispered.  “Wait till you put it in my mouth.”
With a groan, he closed his eyes.  “Let me sleep for a few minutes.”
Snuggling up to him, she let her gaze wander over his body and admired his perfection.  He didn’t have an ounce of fat on him and his muscles seemed carved in stone.  She wanted to touch him so much it hurt, but she let him rest.  After all, they still had the remainder of the day.

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