Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Taste - An Excerpt

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As his tongue darted in and out of her wet pussy, tiny tremors shot through Allie’s lower body.  Kyle pushed his fingers inside her, while his tongue continued its onslaught.
She moved in rhythm with Kyle’s strokes, the tension quickly building deep within.
He moved his tongue frantically over her pussy.  He knew just how to please.  In a rush of splendor, the orgasm ripped through her being.  She cried out Kyle’s name, clinging to the bedcovers, as wave after wave of bliss shook her to the core.
Kyle wrenched every possible spasm from her convulsing body before moving up over her on the bed.  His cock was hard and thick against her thigh, and she managed to open her eyelids.
Dangerous blue eyes stared back at her.  His mouth captured hers hungrily, proclaiming his lust.
In one swift movement, he plunged his stiff cock into her wet pussy, and groaned against her mouth.  “You’re so hot,” he growled.
He thrust into her with long, hard strokes.  Allie could feel herself returning to a place she had left only moments ago.  The man was good.  So good.
She began to buck against him. Their bodies crashing together, thrust, by excruciating, thrust.
Her breaths were fast and ragged, as were Kyle’s, but she knew he had so much more to give.  After last night’s effort, she was amazed she could walk, let alone fuck, but she only felt pleasure.  So much pleasure.
Kyle was hammering her pussy.  Each plunge brought her closer and closer to her peak, and beyond.
With a jolt, the vibrations began.  Like flickering flames, they were fanned by Kyle’s extraordinary cock as he drove into her, time and time again, until finally the flames burst within her, like an inferno.
This time she screamed her shattering ecstasy.
Kyle’s momentum didn’t alter as he continued to fuck her.  The man was a legend.  Most men would have caved by now.
She watched him, groggily.  He really was beautiful to watch.  All muscle and sinew, sweat and sex.

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