Saturday, 25 August 2012

A Little Taste


“Did you do what I asked you to do?”
Her eyes widened.
“Did you?” he whispered against her ear.
She nodded and heat flooded between her legs. 
Kyle smiled before moving to the door.  She heard the click of the lock and stared at him.
“I want to see,” he said as he made his way back to her.
“Here?” she shrieked.
He pulled her in his arms and ran a tongue over her lips.  “Yes.”
She couldn’t.  They couldn’t.  Not in the office.
Kyle’s fingers found the zip of her skirt and before she knew it, the skirt lay in a heap at her feet.
Kyle took a step back and surveyed her handiwork.  “Beautiful,” he said and moved towards her again.  He grabbed her waist and lifted her onto the desk.
“Kyle,” she croaked.
“Spread your legs,” he ordered.
A chill ran up her spine.  She loved it when he was forceful.
“Now,” he said.
Without taking her eyes off him, she spread her legs.  Her pussy purred.
Kyle’s gaze felt like a caress.  He looked at her for a very long time and then stepped closer.
He got on his knees and ran his hands up her thigh-high silk-stockings.  He stared at her bare pussy, then met her gaze.
She could barely breathe but couldn’t look away from his lust-filled eyes.
Moving his face closer between her legs, Kyle licked his lips before spreading her open before him.
When his tongue ran over her newly-shaved skin, her body flamed.
He pulled her forward on the desk and her arms fell back to steady herself.  There was a crash as her pen holder fell to the floor.  It didn’t matter.  All she could think about was Kyle’s hot breath on her sensitive skin.
His tongue lapped over her pussy lips and then plunged inside her.  She moaned at the intrusion.
The molten heat within her streamed through every pore.  Kyle licked and sucked at her expertly, then swirled his tongue over her swollen clit, leaving no area of skin untouched.
God, he was good!  She felt so wet.  Could hear it as Kyle lapped over her.
When Kyle slipped a finger inside her, she groaned.  He didn’t leave it at that but pushed in another.  Never for one moment did he stop caressing her with his tongue, and the way his fingers plunged into her caused a new wave of desire.
She tried to buck against his mouth but he held her down.  That made her even hotter.  She needed release.  Wanted it so bad.
“Please,” she rasped, but Kyle was in control.  And she liked that.  Liked it so much.

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