Thursday, 2 August 2012

Mandy's Surprise - An Excerpt


Brody grabbed her hair, showing her he was in control.  She let him guide her as he fucked her mouth.
All the while, Cole fucked her from behind, delving deep into her pussy.  She was so wet, she could feel him sloshing around in there.  It made her crazier than ever, and she sucked hard on Brody’s cock.
He drew a ragged breath through his teeth and pulled at her hair.  Realising what she was doing, she relaxed her mouth, letting him take control again.
Cole moved a hand between her legs.  It was her turn to catch her breath.  As he plunged into her, his fingers manipulated her clit, sending a wave of pleasure through her body. 
Brody stiffened, and she knew he was going to come.  She made sure he would never forget this blow job.  She sucked and licked for all she was worth, fondling his balls at the same time.  He growled, jerked, then came in her mouth.  She milked him to the very end only releasing him when he pulled away.  “Jesus,” he said, still kneeling before her.
She didn’t have time to smile, because Cole drove into her, fucking her hard and fast, his fingers teasing her clit.  He wrenched the orgasm from her, making her cry out his name.  When she did, he became rigid, pulled out of her, and spilled his seed onto her back.
Barely able to support herself, she grabbed Brody’s arm.  He held her up until Cole cleaned her off, then pulled her into his arms.
Laying her on the bed, Brody kissed her passionately.  “You’re amazing,” he whispered.
With a smile, she patted his cheek.  “So are you.”
“And me?”  Cole asked, sitting on the bed beside her.
“You’re pretty amazing too,” she replied.  She wasn’t going to forget that fuck in a hurry.
Searching the room, she met Damon’s sultry gaze, and looked at his thick cock.  Two down, one to go, she thought, excitedly.

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