Wednesday, 29 August 2012

In the Office


He sucked at her clit and thrust his fingers into her harder and faster.  Then the pressure of his tongue increased.  She was making a mess on her desk for sure.
Any second now…
Kyle’s tongue wrapped tightly around her clit and she felt the small shocks of electric energy begin to pulsate through her body.
With each plunge of his fingers inside her pussy, the tremors intensified until they erupted within her.  She arched her back as wave after wave of hot, explosive spasms tore through her being.
She cried out in ecstasy and shuddered beneath Kyle’s touch.
Finally, he made his way to her mouth.  His breath was hot and heavy against her lips but he didn’t kiss her, just drew in her every gasp.
“I’m gonna fuck you now,” he whispered and pulled her to feet.  “Right over your desk.”
Her eyes widened.
“Then every time you sit there in your fancy office chair, you’re gonna think of me fucking you over your desk.”
She swallowed the lump in her throat and stared at him.
A sly smile traced his lips.  “But first, let’s get rid of these clothes.”
Within seconds, she was completely naked and Kyle had unzipped his trousers.  He pushed them down over his knees and her breath caught in her throat.  His cock looked exceptionally primed.  She watched as he rolled on a condom.  The man certainly came prepared.  She wondered if this was a regular occurrence.
“Bend over the desk and spread your legs,” he ordered, and she did.
She felt a torrent of excitement pass through her.  She’d never done anything this raunchy in her office before.
Kyle came up behind her and rubbed his cock up and down her pussy for a few seconds and then plunged straight into her.
He moaned and so did she.  Kyle was fucking her over the desk in her office and she was so turned on.
“God, that feels good,” he growled.
“Mm,” was all she could manage.
When Kyle began thrusting inside her, all her paperwork began to fall off her desk.  She didn’t care.  He could fuck her all day and she wouldn’t say no.

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