Wednesday, 11 July 2012

'Mandy's Surprise - A Prelude' excerpt.

The night was cool as Mandy made her way to the beach, but the huge bonfire soon warmed the air around her.
Music blared, and people danced and drank and laughed.  She smiled and looked around for some familiar faces.
“You made it!” her friend, Annabel, shouted over the din.
She nodded.  “I had to get out of the house.  I was going nuts.”
“Glad you came.  Look,” Annabel said, pointing to a group of guys.  “Todd Lansdale’s here.”
Mandy laughed.  “And we know who’s got a ‘thing’ for him, don’t we?”
Annabel giggled.  “He’s gorgeous.”
Mandy smiled faintly.  ‘Gorgeous’ was a brown-eyed hunk that didn’t appear to be here.  “Have you seen Damon?” she asked.
Annabel shook her head.  “No.  He seems to have disappeared.  I haven’t seen him for ages.”
“Yeah, I know,” Mandy said with a sigh.
“But there are plenty of other guys.  Most of the football team is here,” Annabel told her.  “Why don’t we go and chat?”
“Okay,” Mandy agreed.  It was pointless waiting for Damon to appear.  Maybe she’d find Cole or Brody, or some other hunk.  Despite her earlier ministrations, her pussy was crying out for a pounding.
They moved closer to the group of rowdy students and were offered beers.  Mandy readily accepted.  She needed something to ease the throbbing between her legs. 
Todd Lansdale suddenly appeared and honed in close to Annabel.  “Hi, Bell.”
“Hi,” Annabel replied, giving Mandy an ethereal smile.
Mandy smiled back and took the hint.  She moved closer to the bonfire and drank her beer.  When she finished that one, someone handed her another.
It didn’t look like her three favorites were here, and everyone else seemed to be paired off already.   She may as well get blind drunk, and took a swig of beer.
As she gazed at the orange glow of the bonfire, she remembered another time.  Brody Gray’s image swam before her and she recalled their last encounter.
It had begun at the beach, at a scenario similar to the one tonight.  Brody had swaggered up to her, his green eyes shone bright against the firelight, and asked if she wanted to fuck.  Talk about surprise.  She thought she probably should slap him but the crooked grin he gave her had made her pussy purr. 
When he’d brushed a hand over her backside, she’d leaned into him.  His masculine scent had been intoxicating.
“My Place?” he’d asked and she’d nodded, unable to take her eyes off him.
When they’d arrived at his place, they hadn’t even made it to the bedroom.  Their clothes were off at the front door and Brody had slung her over his shoulder and laid her on the couch.
She took a breath as she remembered how he’d spread her legs and pushed his face into her pussy.  The throbbing between her legs intensified.  Brody had expertly teased and licked her pussy until she’d come multiple times, and when he thrust his long, hard cock inside her, she had almost exploded in ecstasy.

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