Friday, 27 July 2012

Mandy's Surprise - an excerpt

Smiling, Damon caressed her cheek.  “Are you good to go?”
Her eyes widened in expectation.  Three hard cocks were raised in front of her.  “I don’t know.”
This time, Cole kissed her.  “You’ll enjoy it, I promise.”
Same words, different man.  She nodded.  She had no reason to mistrust him. 
“I just want a taste,” he said, cupping her pussy in his hand.
There was a flutter in her stomach, and she nodded again, as Cole spread her legs.  The other two, stood silent, watching, and a thrill shot up her spine. 
When Cole’s mouth came down on her, she caught her breath.  He had a talent for spreading his tongue wide over her pussy, reaching every millimetre of skin.  Groaning, he licked over her, the vibration coursing through her body. 
Before she could begin to really enjoy it, Cole stopped.  She looked at him questioningly. 
“I want to fuck you from behind,” he stated.
She nodded, and got down on all fours.  She was beyond embarrassment now.  She wanted him to fuck her, wanted the other two to watch. 
Cole didn’t hesitate and spread her legs, running a hand over her wet pussy before thrusting his hard cock inside her.
She arched her back in desire.  God, his cock was hard.  Long and hard, and she wanted him to fuck her that way.  He didn’t disappoint, and drove his cock into her again and again. 
Cole fucked her senseless.  Any second now, she was going to come.  But then he stopped.  “Don’t stop,” she begged.
“Suck me,” Brody said, kneeling before her.

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