Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Free Short Story - excerpt

Mandy's Surprise - A Prelude

Mandy felt herself being swept up.  She was floating.  She tried to open her eyes but they felt as if they were glued shut.
She moaned and heard whispers around her.  Hands played over her skin.  Strong, masculine hands.  Slowly caressing.  Tantalising her flesh.
It must be a dream.  She’d had so much to drink.  Couldn’t remember much.  Her hands reached out and she felt soft cotton.  No beach sand.  Maybe she was home in bed.
Warm lips caressed hers and she opened her mouth in acceptance.  A tongue curled around hers and she tasted desire.
Her pussy began to throb.  She was still horny and getting more so with this insistent mouth on her own.
It was a pleasant kiss.  A familiar taste.
“Damon?” she whispered.  Her eyelids remained closed.
No answer.  
The mouth returned.   More insistent than ever.  Then scorched its way down her body.
Her arms were like lead weights.  She couldn’t move and had to accept what she was being given.
She should be afraid but she felt so relaxed.
A hungry mouth tugged at her nipples sending sharp tingles of pleasure up her spine.
And hands. 
Suddenly, there were hands all over her.  Too many for one man.

Review by: Erin ORiordan on April 27, 2012 : star star star star 

Mandy is very drunk, very horny and very much alone at a beach party. Any one of her three male acquaintances, all of whom have been her lovers in the past, could help her out with this situation. They decide to get a little creative and tackle the problem collectively, much to Mandy's delight. This brief interlude is just a little tease, but very sexy.

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